Oral Appliance Testing at a Sleep Lab

Predicting Success with Oral Appliance Therapy

Integrates with the polysomnogram to allow monitoring of the patient during a customized oral appliance titration study using temporary trays.

MATRx is the only validated polysomnographic test that predicts therapeutic outcome with a custom-fitted oral appliance.

MATRx Benefits for the Sleep Lab

Titrate remotely, without disturbing your patient’s sleep, using our proprietary titration software.

Use an evidence-based approach to select patients who are responders to oral appliance therapy.

Confidently prescribe therapy, including the target protrusive position for the Dentist.

  • “Overall the initial study using (MATRx) shows good accuracy in identifying patients who will be fully treated by (an oral appliance) well as the likely mandibular protrusion level.”
    Orange Registry Update,Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2014
  • “The MATRx study offers a clear advantage for patients and doctors by eliminating guess work in treating OSA with MRDs. We can quickly and efficiently determine effective treatment parameters with the MATRx as part of our standard treatment protocol.”
    Dr. Srujal Shah, DDS, Diplomate ABDSMSpark Sleep Solutions, San Jose CA
  • “(MATRx) might be a promising instrument for predicting OAm treatment outcome and targeting the degree of mandibular advancement needed.”
    Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2016

Scientifically-Validated, Proven Technology

Clinical Trial Methods & Results

• Validated in 3 blinded, prospective clinical trials and 2 peer-reviewed studies
• Broad inclusion criteria (ODI > 10 hr-1, BMI < 45 kg/m2)
• High predictive accuracy for therapeutic outcome and target protrusive position

Therapeutic Outcome

Sensitivity: 86%
Specificity: 92%
Target Protrusive Position Accuracy: 93%


94% PPV

A Digital Workflow Using MATRx
for better, safer, faster sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment


MATRx in-lab Study

• Physician selects patient for MATRx study
• Dentist fits MATRx titration trays and identifies mandibular range of motion needed for MATRx study
• Sleep tech inserts MATRx trays, performs titration and scores study

Physician Interprets Study Results

• Physician evaluates the data and determines if the patient is a responder to oral appliance therapy
• A target protrusive position is identified for all responders

3D X-ray Scan

• 3D X-ray scan performed with a Dentsply Sirona 3D X-ray at MATRx target position
• Optical surface scan data of patient’s upper and lower jaw is fused within SICAT Air
OPTISLEEP appliance is ordered at MATRx target protrusive position

Oral Appliance

OPTISLEEP appliance delivered at MATRx target position
• Therapeutic follow-up study performed after OPTISLEEP appliance fitting

MATRx System Components

MATRx Controller

Mandibular Positioner & Titration Trays

MP-PSG Interface Kit

OATRx Titration Software

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