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MATRx plus™

The Simple Three-Step Sleep Solution

Our MATRx plus Technology – Predicting Success with Oral Appliance Therapy


Oral appliances work, but they don’t work for everyone!

We need methods to select OSA patients who will be effectively treated with an oral appliance.

A MATRx plus test

MATRx plus simplifies patient selection for oral appliance therapy.

How? By identifying responders and an effective protrusive position in advance of appliance fitting.

No More Guesswork – Know Who and How to Treat

Easy-to-use, innovative, tablet-based design

MATRx plus is the first at-home Sleep Theragnostic system that predicts therapeutic outcome with a custom-fitted oral appliance.

MATRx plus Benefits for the Dental Practice

  • Streamline sleep physician study analysis, interpretation and OSA diagnosis
  • Knowing who to treat gives your patient confidence in therapy
  • Accurate prediction of target protrusion eliminates guesswork and saves chair-time
  • The MATRx plus makes me more comfortable by ensuring I am only treating patients who will respond to my care. This makes my team members and our patients more confident in referring their friends and family members to me. Offering sleep assistance in general, changes me from just being a technical dentist, to one who can become my patients trusted advisor in maintaining an optimal level of health.
    Dr. Murray Knebel, DDSSierra Centre for Dental Wellness | Calgary, AB
  • “The predictive value of MATRx plus is huge. Before a sleep apnea patient goes through the process of getting an oral appliance and paying for it, they already know if it’s going to work for them.”
    Dr. Mike Parchewsky, DMDTerra Dental Care | Calgary, AB
  • "Having anticipated the introduction of MATRx plus for some time now, I am very pleased with both the patient acceptance and the results in my practice. I have found it easy to introduce to my patients and many have willingly accepted the additional theragnostic testing. Our results have been very good to date with responders proceeding immediately to oral appliances and non-responders returning to trial CPAP, knowing they have taken oral appliances off the table as a best option for them. I look forward to continuing to utilize MATRx plus in my patient work-up and appointment flow."
    Dr. Sharnell Muir, DMD, Diplomate ABDSM, Diplomate ASBASleep Better, Live Better | North Vancouver, BC
  • “My MATRx plus experience has been life-changing. The system was easy to use and the tablet’s user interface was very intuitive and one of the best I’ve seen. Now that I have the oral appliance, I no longer snore, much to my wife’s delight, and I wake up feeling rested and refreshed.”
    Brent FulmekPatient | Calgary, AB
  • "For years, when patients or physicians would ask us, 'Will it work for me?' all we could say about mandibular advancement was 'Hope so, we’ll see.' This has kept dental devices from being more useful in the quest to open airways. With MATRx plus in our practice, we can know before we commit to a custom MAD, if this is the best way to treat a patient. Physicians have more confidence in our therapy, patients have more assurance it’s worth their investment. We like being cutting-edge providers, and our patients like doing the tests at home."  
    Dr. Steve Carstensen, DDS & Dr. Carrie Magnuson, DDSPremier Sleep Associates | Bellevue, WA

How Does it Work?


Detects real-time respiratory events and adjusts mandibular position without disturbing the patient’s sleep.

How-to Tablet videos

Guide the patient through sensor application and provide tips for a successful study night.


Real-time cloud connectivity

Ensures streamlined collaboration between healthcare professionals and responsive customer support.


MATRx plus performs 2 types of studies

Sleep Study

  • Screens patients for OSA
  • Facilitates the diagnosis of OSA
  • Confirms baseline data in previously diagnosed OSA patients
  • Supports therapeutic follow-up for oral appliance therapy

Sleep Theragnostic

  • Identifies OSA patients who will be responders to OAT
  • Determines each responder’s effective therapeutic protrusive position

Scientifically-Validated, Proven Technology

Clinical Trial Methods & Results

• Validated in a blinded, bi-phasic prospective clinical trial
• Broad inclusion criteria (AHI > 10 hr-1, BMI < 40 kg/m2)
• High predictive accuracy for therapeutic outcome and target protrusive position

Therapeutic Outcome

Sensitivity: 85%
Specificity: 93%
Target Protrusive Position Accuracy: 86%


97% PPV

The Simple Sleep Solution

Integrates comparative airway images using a Dentsply Sirona 3D Imaging system and expands the SICAT Air and OPTISLEEP workflow by adding MATRx plus.

 Why choose The Simple Sleep Solution?

  • Easily identify patients who will be responders to oral appliance therapy
  • Determine the effective target protrusive position for each patient
  • Minimize the risk of needless over-protrusion
  • Increase patient acceptance by visualizing the therapeutic outcome
  • Decrease time-to-therapy with a fully digital workflow

How you benefit

  • Impact your practice revenue with an efficient clinical workflow
  • Expand your range of services and attract new patients
  • Provide existing patients with comprehensive consultation and treatment, impacting your patients’ quality of life

A Digital Workflow with MATRx plus for better, safer and faster sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.

Visit 1

Screen & Test

Baseline 3D X-ray scan with a Dentsply Sirona 3D X-ray system for upper airway analysis.

MATRx plus Sleep Theragnostic to predict therapeutic response and target protrusive position for OPTISLEEP appliance.

Note: Sleep physician has previously confirmed a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea

Visit 2

Select & Plan

3D X-ray scan with patient wearing the MATRx plus titration trays at target position and capturing of the optical surface scan data of the patient’s upper and lower jaw.

Subsequent fusion with 3D data within SICAT Air.

Visit 3

Order & Treat

Ordering of OPTISLEEP therapeutic appliance in a completely digital workflow.

Delivery of OPTISLEEP at MATRx plus target position and presentation to patient including review of application and care.

Implementation is key to the success of any new product line, technology or service offering.