Making Patients Sleep and Feel Better

Making Patients Sleep and Feel Better


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Making Patients Sleep and Feel Better


What motivated you to get into sleep?
Our patient’s health – we knew we could make them feel better, sleep better. We knew there was a need that wasn’t being met. We have offered sleep appliances before, but we weren’t really satisfied with the results we were getting.

How quickly did you get your sleep program up and running?
Almost immediately after onboarding. We have done sleep appliances before but not to the standard that we are doing them now.

If I had to sum it up, the ease of use of the MATRx is the big thing, and you know what the target position is for the appliance.

It’s been an improvement for us and our patients too. It frees up our time for other things instead of spending time trying to figure out what the target position.

What were the key things to help make your sleep program successful?
We are trying to educate our patients on general health of their whole bodies, their mouths. The most important thing is talking to patients about it. Once you open that dialog, they say, “we didn’t know you offered that here.”

Have you become busier with sleep since you’ve implemented MATRx™ plus?
Yes, we have the MATRx plus™ out two or three times a week for sleep tests now.

Did you find it challenging to get the rest of your doctors and your sleep team on board?
I don’t think so. We have a range of dentists – younger and older – I think they’ve all bought in.

What tips would you give to other dentists about getting started?
Educate yourself on sleep, sleep apnea and sleep disorders in general. It starts with education.


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