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25% of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – let’s give them a treatment option they will actually use.

Zephyr’s scientifically-validated medical devices and technologies are revolutionizing how OSA is being diagnosed and treated.

Used world-wide by sleep labs, physicians, dentists and leading-edge sleep researchers, our products are evolving the landscape of the sleep industry.

Powered by continuous innovation, our proprietary technologies are setting the stage to help the millions of OSA patients get the treatment they need.

Does your bed partner complain of your snoring?

Are you tired during the day?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Are you looking for a CPAP alternative?

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There are many sleeping disorders.
The most common is sleep apnea.
Many people don’t know they have it and many more go undiagnosed or untreated.

Sleep Apnea Risks

Untreated sleep apnea increases your risk of causing an accident. It can also cause health problems such as high blood, pressure, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options


(prescribed by your doctor)

It works but many don’t tolerate this treatment long-term.


Oral Appliance Therapy

(provided by a qualified dentist)

Is well-accepted and preferred but it doesn’t work for everyone.




Find out if your sleep apnea can be treated with a simple oral appliance.

It all starts with a MATRx plus test – watch this video to learn more!

Live a healthier, productive life through better sleep.

MATRx plus Testing at Home

MATRx plus is a simple, overnight sleep test that you take in the comfort of your home.

Learn how MATRx plus works – watch our instructional video!

MATRx Testing at a Sleep Lab

MATRx is an overnight sleep study performed at a sleep lab.

During the study, the sleep technologist will closely monitor your progress while adjusting the position of your lower jaw to treat your sleep apnea and keep your airway open.

A Healthcare Provider reviews your MATRx test results
and will be able to tell you

  • If oral appliance therapy is right for you including the jaw position
    for your custom-fit appliance
  • If your sleep apnea cannot be effectively treated with an oral
    appliance before you invest in a therapy that will not work

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