About Us

Our Mission

Keep it simple.

Our Why

To help people live healthy and productive lives by sleeping better.

Our How

Do it right
Find a way
Work as a team
Continually improve
Be agile – work fast, smart & hard

Who We Are

Zephyr Sleep Technologies designs, develops and manufactures medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.

Founded in the fall of 2010, Zephyr’s in-lab product, the MATRx, has completed over 10,000 tests in North America. Through multiple clinical trials, publications, research, product awards and a growing installed sleep lab base, Zephyr is now recognized as a sleep industry innovator and technology game changer.

  • "We live for disruptive innovation. For us the ‘holy grail’ is to actually combine research with modern technology to come up with new devices that will drive medicine ahead in ways that no one anticipated, saving lives and shaking up the system."
    Dr. John RemmersZephyr’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Zephyr is a private company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. Since inception, the Company has brought a number of products through the regulatory approval process and to market.

All products are based on company-developed proprietary technology and are forged on the breadth of clinical rigour and beta testing. The Company is ISO 13485-2003 certified and has undergone a number of audits and has been inspected by the FDA. The Company is governed by an independent board selected by the stakeholders.

What We Do


Quality Research

All products are based on our proprietary technology. From local clinical trials to peer-reviewed publications, our scientifically-validated technologies are used world-wide.


Make it Simple

Product Development

We push the boundaries for continuous innovation and product development – always with the end-user in mind. Our leading-edge MATRx plus technology is easy to use and implement.



Industry Disruption

It’s not what we do, but how we do it. We develop new technology bundled with existing technology to deliver a truly disruptive platform. We are changing how people are tested and treated.


Our Team

What drives the Zephyr team is better health, better quality of life and the opportunity to make a real difference. By creating new technologies, Zephyr’s team of physicians, dentists, engineers, scientists and business professionals are changing sleep medicine.